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Coding machine

Model  Production
 Height character
 Consumer  Max PrintLine  Ribbon    Weight
HP-241G 200/min  3 mm  135w/hr  15mm 3 line  25 30 35mm  7 kg

HP-241G lock-and-follow color ribbon printing machine can be used to match with vertical or horizontal automatic packaging machine for printing label.

1. HP-241G adopts color ribbon for printing, characterized by high definition, instant printing & instant dry, and strong adhesion.
2. HP-241G can print 3 lines with 15 characters in each line at most.
3. The print position controlled by photocell is adjustable, sensitive and accurate.

 Max linil      
 Width  ribbon        
Width  Foil      
 MY-812G  300/min    8 lini   8 Caractere    32mm  400/500/600
 My-812A  300/min  11 lini    10 caractere    35mm  400/500/600

Model  Production
 Height character
 Consumer  Max PrintLine  Ribbon   Weight
HP-280 0 ~100/min  3 mm  120W/hr  15mm 3 line  25 30 35mm  9.5 kg

Model  Production
 Height character
 Consumer  Max PrintLine  Dimension
HLIJ-2000C 2000 caractere/sec  1,2  ~ 12 mm  135w/hr  15mm 3 line  400 x 240 x 510

InkJet HLIJ-2000C

HLIJ -2000C INK INJECT PRINTER can print up to three lines of fonts and be integrated into high-speed production lines. Its functions and performance have reached that of international standards of the same category. Automatic ink viscosity measuring and control, fault alarm indicator and automatic hydraulic system cleaning can combine to ensure the continuous stable operation of this system.


HLIJ -2000C  is capable of creating a wide range of graphics, languages, numbers and characters. Users can select different high-quality and high-speed printing modes according to their own needs. The RS232 portal provides HLIJ -2000C with the access to a computer or network by means of GUOMEI software.
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